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With Crypto, You Will 'Affordably' be able to:

  • Protect Your Identity & Secure Your Files
  • Create Traffic & Increase Sales
  • Brand Your Name & Build a List
  • You don't even need to have a business!

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Identity Theft Is On The Rise

Identity Theft Jobs Increase 54% in 2010-2011; complaints- 47% In 2015, (FTC Report).

  1. Identity Theft cost Americans $54 Billion in 2010. That's up from $47 Billion in 2003.
  2. It's just a matter of time till you or yours will experience it first-hand.
  3. One thing you can act on today is Start Encrypting With "The Crypto Program" Today.

      Encryption Defined
    • To convert data from its original form to a form that can only be read by someone that can reverse the encryption.
    • The purpose of encryption is to prevent unauthorized reading of the data.

    You Don't Need Crypto...Until You Need It; ...Got It?

    But, when you need it and don't have is when you are going to do something really stupid,

    1. Like sending your stuff without encrypting it- through an email, an instant message, chat room
    2. Or, you're going to store your stuff on devices where others can get to it & steal it;
    3. Maybe you're going To TRUST A GEEK, (that you don't know), to fix your computer & therefore, jeopardize your Identity & Personal Information, - that's dumb.

    Not All Encryption Programs Are The Same


    You got to see the whole picture to see how powerful this "Program" really is. Let's break it down:
    We all need encryption on every storage device and we know that now, right. But, not all encryption programs are the same. When you get your first encryption program, you will soon notice you will want or need to send a message to someone. But, they do not have your program to decrypt the message in order to read it. So, you refer them to the place where you got yours.

    Now let's say that you got it elsewhere, not here, ok?

    Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

    About ImageNow, we have to figure out this 'Viral' thing.

    Well, it's like any other Human Virus!

    One Person gets it, then gives it to three others, totaling 4+.
    Those three give it to four others, totaling 16+, etc, etc,.
    If you gave it to 30 people, then it would total 360, or more!

    And, as time goes by, these numbers for you and for your recipients would grow lager than these numbers.

    Now that's awesome! The reason it is considered Viral is for several reasons. First of all, Crypto is in the software Shareware Market, meaning it is shared by nature or propensity. Secondly, it's also in the Text-Encryption/Decryption Software Market. While some users will use it only for personal use (encrypting files on their storage devices/keeping secrets safe), most will use it in communicating securely online (Email, Instant Messaging, Texting, ect.).

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<font color= maroon>**THE PRICE: Verses the Competition</font>

**THE PRICE: Verses the Competition

Our price vs the competitions' price is our favorite topic of discussion. In order to be a competitor, you must be able to compete, so we really should not referr to them as a competitor.

We're giving MORE product, a BETTER product and UNIQUE product at such a BETTER/LOWER price, you'll also wonder why we call them competitors.The competition charges by the 'each', or by the number of licenses you need. If you need 1,000 to create a list, you can see here it could run you or your company $15,000. This is not cost feasible.

We have this beat by a long-shot; a very log-shot.

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

<font color= maroon>BRANDING: Traffic, Sales, and More</font>

BRANDING: Traffic, Sales, and More

Buy It ~ Brand It ~ Share It!

Really, it's that simple. It's Very Easy!

This is the cool part. Never before has encryption software taken this direction. The Crypto Program is the first and all we are doing is taking advantage of the 'viral nature' of encryption - decryption. Someone is on the receiving end will need The Crypto Program to decode or decrypt your message.

This is exactly what separates 'The Crypto Program' from the rest of the pack. We have taken something very technical and made it fun, easy and profitable, all for you. See "The Silent Marketing System" Below.

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

<font color= maroon>SETTINGS: Colors, Text and Banner</font>

SETTINGS: Colors, Text and Banner

Colors: You can match your Crypto Program to the color of your website, blog, product or even the color of your eyes and hair.

Text: You can change the Text within the buttons, the "button names". See our examples for ideas on these names. They are rotating here and there are still photos on our Facebook Page.

Banner: This is very unique! You can really maximize your creativity or brand with a 835wx120h (max) banner (jpg or bmp). Smaller banners will be centered. If you need help with the creation of a banner, for a small fee our staff could create one for you.

The color schemes use RGB values. You can use your values or choose from the palette in the configuration.

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

<font color= maroon>AFFILIATES WELCOME: VMA = $</font>


"VMA" = $ means: 'Viral Marketing Advantage' = $.

Becoming an Affiliate is totally free and with The Crypto Program, you can potentially double your commissions. Here's how:

VIRAL MARKETING is so powerful. Let's say you have your own branded version of Crypto and are using it within your network. That's [ Step One]. You NOW have three links/rotators on your 3-buttons plus your Crypto Affiliate link. That's four links that are silently informing your 'Network' of what you have to offer and ultimately going to sell to them. In other words, use "The Program".

This is happening in the background while you are doing your daily promotion activities throughout the week. That's [Step Two], promote The Crypto program as a direct sale to those not in your network. For more, see our AFFILIATE TOOLS.

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

<font color= maroon>ENCYPTION: (Program Algorithms)</font>

ENCYPTION: (Program Algorithms)

Security comes first. Without the best encryption on the planet The Crypto Program would not differ much from our competitors.

We do not discuss the program language or algorithms in public like they do. It can NOT be broken and we want to keep it that way. Besides the encryption strength, the program uses a codekey only when you desire one. We don't force you to use one.

What our customers want is simple, easy to understand encryption and now they have it.

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

<font color= maroon>The Silent Marketing System</font>

The Silent Marketing System

The best Part! There are four linking opportunities for the Crypto Owner >>>> Notice 5 buttons across the top of Crypto. Four of these are the Crypto owners'. Companies may elect to utilize these as links for internal communications or goal related resourses. Likewise, companies can use them for external communications i.e., list building, promotions and news. Individuals may select to have them linked to their Blog, FaceBook and Family album. And finally, in all cases, owners and their recipients will utilize the encryption functionality of "The Crypto Program".

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!


Download The Crypto Program Today!

Send us a screenshot of your branded Crypto, a link to your site with written permission to use it and we will use it in our Online Presentations.

You can purchase using most Credit Cards or your Paypal Balance.


What Is Crypto?

Crypto is simple to use text encryption software that turns this: My Account number is "0001-55-9758" into this: (*&^gg447FUj99!``1) for example.

The logarithms Crypto uses is unbreakable allowing you to communicate securely to anyone who has your copy of Crypto. Crypto may be serialized and coded to you and you only as a special order.

Compatible with Windows operating Systems, Crypto takes about 5meg of disk space and can be placed on USB Drives and CD ROMS for portability.

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

Why Do I Need Crypto?

Everyone should have Crypto and the knowledge of test encryption. You don't need it till you need it. If you do not have it at the time you need it, you will likely go forward in sending information online in ways that put your security in jeopardy.

This is a proven fact. Remember this motto: "Be Prepared"?

When you're online in chat rooms or using instant messages and email to convey sensitive information is very dangerous. You are at risk if you do. The data you send remains on multiple servers all over the world and you are depending the owners of those servers to keep your data secure.

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

Can Crypto Damage My Computer?

NO! Crypto is an easy installation, compatible and tested on all Windows OpSys's. Crypto only takes about 5meg of disk space and can be placed on USB/Flash Drives and CD ROMS for portability.

Hint: Keep a copy on a portable drive or disk so you'll be ready anytime, anywhere to share your copy of Crypto!

Crypto will not intefere with other programs or resources.

On Vista and W7 systems, we recommend installing your Crypto directly to your C:\ drive due to the Virtual-Store phenomenon.

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

How Can Crypto Benefit Me or My Business?

This is easy. On the Internet, we build lists and need premiums or incentives from time to time to build or grow a list. This is one of those Premiums that really work. It can be spread by hand or a download link.

Brick-n-Morter businesses can do either as well.

The best part about Viral Crypto is the links on the BRANDED versions are all yours. They will point to your offers, websites, blogs or product pages, etc. The more you give it away, the more traffic and sales you receive, plus you get Brand/Name Recognition. Give it to your list, they give it others, etc... it's VIRAL SHAREWARE!

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

What Does VIRAL Mean?

Viral Marketing: is the nature of sharing information in a network. According to Wikipedia, "The buzzwords viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand".

In simpler words, You have a network, I have one, everyone has a network and on average, that network consists of 360 people. The very nature of the "Viral Crypto Program", is that it is shared among "the network", your network, and mine. Crypto's nature is it spreads like viruses do in humans. Crypto will find its way into different networks without much effort on anyone's part.

Once started, it will continue to spread, like Human "viruses", creating more Traffic, Sales and Recognition!

Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!

What If I Need Help?

Relax, we got you covered with email support, more FAQ's, Video tutorials in our free members area. We have not experienced advanced support needs, but if there are those needs in the future, we offer remote one-on-one, desktop sharing where we will fix your issue on your computer from a distance while you watch and learn, live! Maybe the only advanced issue we've had to date was due to the Virtual-Store phenomenon Microsoft created in Vista and Windows7. If you have ever lost files you created with an audio or video creator, you my find those files in your Virtual Store. It is located at: C:\Users\UserAccountName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\XXX

We have videos in the members area that addresses the Virtual Store. The quick fix for Crypto Users is to simply choose your C:\ Drive as the Crypto Install location. [FYI: C:\ Drive is our default install location programed for you. So, if you just choose RUN, then you'll be alright. Let Me In To See & Get Crypto!